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Welcome onboard, we hand pick each and every Artist to work on our sets because they have a beautiful art style and produce the best hand drawn cards in the world. Don’t forget, you can leave messages here or drop us an email, and put your own email address in the box on the right (Follow By Email) to get all the updates about the sets you’re looking forward to direct to your email. Here at Unpleasant Dreams we want to create an easy going family feel to the company, a pleasant experience for all of us artists and collectors. And we want to produce the best and most original Sketch Card Sets. Thats why practically all our sets are original concepts. We dream them up, create the graphic design and logos and even draw on the cards as well. On the right hand side you can find our personal contact info, links to our spot on facebook and websites devoted to our Sketchcard Sets as well as a list of our previous Sold out Sets and Future serise that are in production and when it's planned that they will come out for you to buy We are always on the lookout for new artists we have not met before so if your checking us out and you feel confident that your work is creative and full of distinctive flare then please email us with some samples of your artwork. Our artists come from all over the world. We welcome all ideas and feedback because we want to grow in the direction that makes the business and the industry better for all of us, so let us know what you think of the cardstock we use, our packing, cardsets or any ideas you have. UDC Final Cardstock Available

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Solstice

It's Winter Time, Christmas, cakes, Mince pies and the Winter Solstice.
As the weather gets colder its time to snuggle down with your 
loved ones and thats what we are doing here at 
unpleasnt dreams cards.

In the new year there will be updates to our websites, posters showing off
cardbacks for the sets in production for next year and Kinky Clown Girls will
be coming out at the end of jan or maybe sooner.
So pull on your christmas socks, keep warm and safe
and we will see you on the other side of the Rabbit Hole.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

New UnpleasantDreams website for our customers

Finally the website is up and running from this one site you can click to come to our cardblog and other sites and as the weeks go on we shall be adding more features to the site such as pages for each of our cardsets allowing collectors and artists to discover what every set is about, how to get involved etc. But right now, UD is up and running and it can direct you to the places you need to be :)

Other updates are that at the bottom of this place you can now see the cardbacks to all our previous sets and as more sets come out will will add to the bottom of the page so everyone knows what they need to find in their collections.

Through the next year our sites will grow with content and be brought togeather to streamline your buying experiance not to mention cool sets coming next year such as Kinky Clown Girls in Jan and Nevermore Alice 2, updates are happning over on as the character designs have been added to the site story details and a full list of Nevermore Alice sets that have been out.