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Welcome onboard, we hand pick each and every Artist to work on our sets because they have a beautiful art style and produce the best hand drawn cards in the world. Don’t forget, you can leave messages here or drop us an email, and put your own email address in the box on the right (Follow By Email) to get all the updates about the sets you’re looking forward to direct to your email. Here at Unpleasant Dreams we want to create an easy going family feel to the company, a pleasant experience for all of us artists and collectors. And we want to produce the best and most original Sketch Card Sets. Thats why practically all our sets are original concepts. We dream them up, create the graphic design and logos and even draw on the cards as well. On the right hand side you can find our personal contact info, links to our spot on facebook and websites devoted to our Sketchcard Sets as well as a list of our previous Sold out Sets and Future serise that are in production and when it's planned that they will come out for you to buy We are always on the lookout for new artists we have not met before so if your checking us out and you feel confident that your work is creative and full of distinctive flare then please email us with some samples of your artwork. Our artists come from all over the world. We welcome all ideas and feedback because we want to grow in the direction that makes the business and the industry better for all of us, so let us know what you think of the cardstock we use, our packing, cardsets or any ideas you have. UDC Final Cardstock Available

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Solstice

It's Winter Time, Christmas, cakes, Mince pies and the Winter Solstice.
As the weather gets colder its time to snuggle down with your 
loved ones and thats what we are doing here at 
unpleasnt dreams cards.

In the new year there will be updates to our websites, posters showing off
cardbacks for the sets in production for next year and Kinky Clown Girls will
be coming out at the end of jan or maybe sooner.
So pull on your christmas socks, keep warm and safe
and we will see you on the other side of the Rabbit Hole.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

New UnpleasantDreams website for our customers

Finally the website is up and running from this one site you can click to come to our cardblog and other sites and as the weeks go on we shall be adding more features to the site such as pages for each of our cardsets allowing collectors and artists to discover what every set is about, how to get involved etc. But right now, UD is up and running and it can direct you to the places you need to be :)

Other updates are that at the bottom of this place you can now see the cardbacks to all our previous sets and as more sets come out will will add to the bottom of the page so everyone knows what they need to find in their collections.

Through the next year our sites will grow with content and be brought togeather to streamline your buying experiance not to mention cool sets coming next year such as Kinky Clown Girls in Jan and Nevermore Alice 2, updates are happning over on as the character designs have been added to the site story details and a full list of Nevermore Alice sets that have been out.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Lucky Dip Packs Out Now for you to grab

Christmas Lucky Dip Packs Out Now
and Super Limited Stock!!!
Only £10 plus post and packing
2 sketchcards in every pack

Use the PayPal Buy It Now button on the right hand side of the website

The year is winding down and as we get ready for the snow and
Christmas, Unpleasant Dreams Cards has already begun preparing for
next year. That means we are ready to release our backup stock from this years sets,
and whats a better way to do it than put them in Lucky Dip Packs with a cool festive
discount, 2 hand drawn sketchcards in a pack by different artists for only £10 a pack!!!.

So you buy a pack, and you could get a Nevermore Alice Flux card and a DeadSexy2 card,
and you can keep buying packs untill they are sold out. There isnt many of them so grab them
while they are there.
If you buy multyple packs theres a chance you will get repeat artists because the packs are so limited and your getting 2 cards in every pack made up from multyple sets, but thats part of the fun.
To make things extra exciting we have taken a few cards from Next Years Britannia 2: Rise of
Cuthulu and randomly put them into a few lucky packs giving everyone something to search for
and get you ready for Next year.

So grab your packs now before they are all sold out and see what you get in yours.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kinky Clown Girls is coming in Jan 2014

KinkyClownGirls are coming
Jan 2014

The most exciting crazy Kinky ClownGirls youve 
ever seen are pouring out of their cars and honking
their noses as well as other things!!!

This is the most insanely awesome cardset ever with
our wonderful artists from around the world drawing
the most yummy Clown Girls to fill your imaginations,
dreams and collections.

This set has 2 alternate art card backs that
artists have drawn on...

Plus official artists will have a third card back reserved for their 
personal commissions once the set is out on sale.

All the way up to Jan we will be releaseing sneak peeks here and over
on our Facebook page for fans and collectors to enjoy
and see what delights they will find in their packs
as well as updates on the compleate artist list,
pack price and contents, all the goodies you will
want to know so follow this website and dont miss out
on our Kinky Clown Girls.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Promocards, grab them now

Brand New Promocards!!!! and you can grab them NOW
for only £6 a pack plus post and packing.
Every pack contains 4 spanking
new basecards. 3 for sets coming out in 2014
from Unpleasantdreams cards and 1 exclusive
DeadSexy2 promocard.
This is the start of a brand new launch 
of promocards for UDC and allows
collectors to get something special for 
sets which wont be out untill next year
as well as add to their collections.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

DeadSexy2 Pool Party goes on sale on Halloween.
at 6:30pm UK time a Paypal button will appear on the right 
hand side of the website allowing everyone to purchase
as many packs as you want untill the set is sold out.

DS2 is a Limited Edition 200 Pack Set 
costing only £14.50 a pack.
Every pack contains 1 hand drawn DeadSexy2 Artist Sketchcard
and 1 awesome Basecard.
There are 4 stunning Basecards to collect, and with
every 4 packs you purchase you will get an official
blank DeadSexy2 sketchcard for you to add to your
collection, draw on or even find your own
artist to draw on for you, allowing you to expand your collection 
your own way.
The artist list for this set is already up online on the right hand side
so you can see who drew killer cool zombie girls on our cards
for packs of DeadSexy2.

Packs will be mailed out either when the set is sold out, or 
around a week after going on sale, this allows customers to come back
and purchase more packs and add them to your order, Unless
of course everything is already sold out.

Friday, 11 October 2013

DeadSexy2 Pool Party out halloween

DeadSexy2:Pool Party coming out this Halloween stunning hand drawn artcards by top talent international artists bringing you the sexyest zombie girls who are getting wet and wild. Packs will contain hand drawn original artcards featuring 2 alternate cardbacks, basecards, and a special offer giving customers official blank DS2 art sketch cards to add to their collection, draw on yourself or find an artist to draw on allowing your collection to grow.
Official artists on the set will have a 3rd cardback they can do personal commissions on as well. COMING HALLOWEEN from Unpleasantdreams Cards

Every pack of DeadSexy2 will contain 1 hand drawn original sketchcard by one of the amazing artists on the right hand side of this site, along with a killer cool basecard by one of our artists. There will be 4 basecards to collect and with every 4 packs you grab, youll get an official Blank deadsexy2 sketchcard for you to keep, draw on or find your own artist to draw on and take your DS2 collection in your own direction, how awesome is that.

Packs will go onsale on halloween with an easy to use paypal button for buying packs appearing on the right hand side of the site so keep your eyes open for more updates to come.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mighty Zombies through your door...

We are hearing that packs of mighty zombies are turning up to customers around now, although if yours havent arrived yet dont worry, mail delivery times vary around the world so i'm sure youll have them soon.

Some customers didnt spot the adverts/posters pimping the fact that everyone who orders 3 packs or more gets an official Blank Mighty Zombies sketchcard to add to your collection, draw on or even go and grab your own artist to draw on it making your collection grow in your own way.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bonus Mighty Zombies Official Blank Sketchcards for every 3 packs orderd

With every 3 packs orderd you get an official Mighty Zombies Blank Sketchcard which you can add to your collection, draw on yourself or use to commission any artist you wish to add to your MightyZombies collection, how awesome is that.

This applies to all orders already made and any new orders. If you orderd a single or double pack and want to get your bonus official Mighty Zombies Blank Sketchcard just grab an extra pack now and it will be added to your order.

This is a wicked cool offer that has only become possible due to some last minute changes so straight away we wanted to give you more for your money because we love producing top quality limited edition cardsets with an original twist.

So 3 packs gets you 1 bonus card, 6 packs gets you 2 etc Great times

Monday, 2 September 2013

Mighty Zombies meet the cast

Meet the Mighty Zombies, the main cast of characters appearing in packs along with artists own characters. Lots of classic public domain characters such as Phantomlady, Blackcat, Mary, BulletGirl, Girl Commandos, BlueFlame along with characters owned by unpleasantdreams such as Britannia, Majesty, MajorMarvel, Merveille, Booman etc

Mighty Zombies is Limited Edition of 200 packs and in every pack you get 1 hand drawn original sketchcard drawn by one of our amazing artists.

£12 pounds a pack with Free Shipping.
To buy packs visit the Unpleasant Dreams website or one of our other websites such as Nevermorealice, Britannia or DeadSexy and use the Buy it now button on the right hand side to grab some packs before they are all sold out.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mighty Zombies On Sale Today

Starting 6:30pm UK time Mighty Zombies Capes Cowls and Brains goes on sale here, and over on NevermoreAlice, Britannia and Deadsexy.
Much loved classic super characters as well as artists own creations have turned zombie, and their hungry for your BrAiNs!!!

Each pack only costs £12 pounds with free shipping and inside you get 1 hand drawn original artist Sketch card created by one of our top card artists.
You can purchase packs by clicking the Paypal Buy Now button which will appear on the websites when the packs go on sale and you can keep buying packs untill the set is sold out.

Remember, this is a Limited Edition of only 200 Packs!!!

A full artist list of everyone involved along with a card count is already on the website down the right hand side so everyone can see who's involved in drawing these stunning cards, but be warned, once packs sell out, they are gone.

This set is for mature collectors only, all zombies are...well as you would want super powerd zombies to be and some of them are popping out of their costumes in the naughtyest ways.

This set also features two different cardbacks which the artists have drawn on.
Making collecting Mighty Zombies cards even more fun.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mighty Zombies are coming

The full artist list and cardcount for Mighty Zombies is now up online on the right hand side of the website and the packs go onsale on September the 1st, 6:30 pm UK time at only £12pounds a pack, freaking awesome!!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Mighty Zombies is coming sooner than we thought, it's going on sale September 1st
Capes, Cowls and Brains!!! on every hand drawn card.
limited Edition at only 200 packs
Only £12 pounds a pack, 
Free Post and Packing

Over the coming days the full artist list will be announced, and for the first time you will be able to buy
packs from any of our websites, UDC, Nevermore alice, Britannia, deadsexy etc, a paypal button will appear on the right hand side at 6:30pm UK time allowing everybody to purchase as many packs as they like. But be warned, packs are limited to only 200!!! so once they are sold out, they are gone.

Every pack will contain 1 hand drawn and signed Mighty Zombies Sketchcard by one of the amazing artists on this set. and you can see sneak peeks of cards over on our facebook page.
But be warned, this set is mature rated, these super powerd zombies are eating people, falling apart and falling out of their costumes.

The set is made up of classic Public domain characters such as the Blue Flame, Black Cat, the original Mary Marvel, Phantom Lady, BulletGirl, Black Panther and the Girl Commandos as well as artists own created characters and superheroes such as Britannia, Majesty etc from other UDC sketchcardsets, all turned zombie and hungry for your brains and bodys.

So remember the date
1st of September at 6:30pm
packs go on sale for £12 pounds each

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mighty Zombies Sneak Peeks

Mighty Zombies is due out this Halloween at the same time as DeadSexy 2, both are limited edition to only 200 packs each and we couldnt resist giving you 2 sneak peeks of cards going into packs of Mighty Zombies. Above by Babisu and below by Bianca Thompson.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Britannia is SOLDOUT

Britannia 2013 is sold out, and I want to thank each and every one of you for that, for the awesome artists who drew amazing sketchcards, for the customers who took the time and the effort to spend their hard earned money on packs and the supporters who kept me going down the road with Britannia and encouraged me to get her into action. None of this could have happend without you.

While packs are getting ready to head out into the mail, for those of you who like Britannia youll be glad to hear she will be appearing as a zombie britannia in the Mighty Zombies set when thats ready and we are already planning a second Britannia set for next year :)

Monday, 15 July 2013


Packs go on sale at 6:30pm UK time
Over on the Britannia Strikes website
(link above)
Look for the PayPal button on the right hand side of the 
Britannia website.
Packs cost £14.50 each
FREE Post and Packing.
Each pack will contain one stunning hand drawn Art Sketch Card drawn and signed by one of our artists
from around the world and an amazing Britannia Basecard. Each pack comes in a lovely little Britannia sleeve.
There are 4 different basecards to collect in total, plus every 4 packs you purchase, you will get
a limited edition Britannia Swimsuit Art Sketch Card.
This set is Limited Edition to only 200 packs!!!
So you can buy as many as you like untill all the packs are sold out and then Paypal wont let you purchase
any more packs.
 There are 2 different cardbacks appearing in the set, here is the main cardback drawn by Boo
with colours by Dave Reynolds and the other Cardback is by Kat Laurange taken from her 
beutiful basecard artwork.
Shipping world wide can take a few weeks, this is due to Royal Mail, USPS etc, since Unpleasant
Dreams is a company based in the United Kingdom.
Good Luck and have a Great Day

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mighty Zombies is getting ready...

While we are all busy here getting packs of Britannia ready for sale on the 15th of July over at Cards are coming in fresh for the killer cool set Mighty Zombies.

Check out these 3 sneak peeks by Kristen Allen, Rich M and Russ Platt. Super Powerd Zombies have never been as dangerous, deadly or frankly hot as they will be for Mighty Zombies.
MZ will be around 200 packs with 2 different cardbacks. Each pack will contain a character list so you will be able to find out who you have in your pack and I'll see what other awesome things I can find to feed your HuNgEr lol
unpleasant dreams

Friday, 5 July 2013

Unpleasant Dreams Cards New Company New Direction New Attitude

For all you fantastic collectors and artists out there, welcome to the brand new start of Unpleasant Dreams Cards, or UDC for short.
A british company, we produce Limited Edition original concept sets. For example coming this July 15th we have Britannia.
and this Halloween will be the time to get excited about DeadSexy2:Pool Party.
But the fun doesnt stop there, right now there are two more crazy sets in production
Mighty Zombies will be like a trip into your fav Superhero vs Zombies fantasy. We all love
Marvel Zombies here, so we created our own useing much loved public domain superbabes
and characters created by our artists themselves in brain hungry glory.
And then there's Kinky Clown Girls!!! Off the wall sexy insanity as the most yummy Clowngirls
come to cards, and let me tell you, I have most of the cards in packs right now, this set has to be
seen to be belived, but everyone falls in love with it and I know you will too.

Theres a cool facebook page which now has scans of cards from our sets for everyone to see and
enjoy so you can get a taste of what our sets look like, theres a button on the right hand side of the site for you to click and be taken straight theres.
We are also always recruiting artists, both new and established to work on our sets. You can email
us your samples and once accepted theres a secret group on facebook for everyone to share their
work togeather and have support while working on our sets.

Building work has begun on our main website, so once thats sorted you will all be updated, but here you
can recive important updates about all our sets, sale dates and sneak peeks.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dead Sexy 2 Pool Party coming this Halloween

If you enjoyed out sellout success Dead Sexy last Halloween, then youll want to get ready for this years Dead Sexy2: Pool Party featuring a stunning cardback by Gary Kezele as the hottest Zombie Girls in cards get Wet and Wild.
Head over to to find out more details about this hauntingly sexy set

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Britannia out July 15th

Britannia is coming July the 15th with an awesome limited edition 200 pack set for only £14.50 Fourteen pounds and fifty pence a pack.
Each pack will contain a stunning hand drawn original sketchcard by one of the fantastic artists working on the set (head over to the britannia blog to see who is on this set) and 1 stunning 84mm x 55mm Basecard.
There are 4 Basecards to collect in total and every single sketchcard is different and unique.
It has been a dream come true to create a beutiful Britannia Sketch card set and I know youll love the cards when you get them in your hands.
Packs will go onsale on the 15th of july, over on the Britannia Blog at 6:30pm UK time, an easy to use Paypal button will appear in the right hand side allowing everyone to grab as many packs as they wish, however this is a limited edition 200 Pack set, so once the packs are sold out, they are all gone.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Britannia Coming Soon

coming soon from M&B Cards

Brand New British SuperBabe Britannia bursts out in this original new card set
with hand drawn sketchcards and brand new basecards, Britt 
looks hot on some cards and shes fighting demons and monsters on others.
This set is extra special for Boo since he created Britannia so it seemed
natural with how much interest people were giving her that she get a
cool kickarse sketch card set dripping in beutifully drawn cards by artists like Frank Kader,
Elfie, Wu Wei, Rich M, Chris Meeks to name but a few.

More Sneak Peeks will be shown shortly as well as the sale date and full
artist list, so keep an eye out for updates.
You can learn more about Britannia by heading over to 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Everything in one place at last...

If you have purchased packs of our cards before, you know how amazing they are and if you havent,well your in for a treat.

It's been a real pleasure to produce so many original concept card sets in an industry thats bursting with licensed sets. We give collectors something different to look forward to and get hold of as well as something really fun for our artists to sink their teeth into when they come to draw each fantastic card.

Here are some of the flyers for our past sets