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Welcome onboard, we hand pick each and every Artist to work on our sets because they have a beautiful art style and produce the best hand drawn cards in the world. Don’t forget, you can leave messages here or drop us an email, and put your own email address in the box on the right (Follow By Email) to get all the updates about the sets you’re looking forward to direct to your email. Here at Unpleasant Dreams we want to create an easy going family feel to the company, a pleasant experience for all of us artists and collectors. And we want to produce the best and most original Sketch Card Sets. Thats why practically all our sets are original concepts. We dream them up, create the graphic design and logos and even draw on the cards as well. On the right hand side you can find our personal contact info, links to our spot on facebook and websites devoted to our Sketchcard Sets as well as a list of our previous Sold out Sets and Future serise that are in production and when it's planned that they will come out for you to buy We are always on the lookout for new artists we have not met before so if your checking us out and you feel confident that your work is creative and full of distinctive flare then please email us with some samples of your artwork. Our artists come from all over the world. We welcome all ideas and feedback because we want to grow in the direction that makes the business and the industry better for all of us, so let us know what you think of the cardstock we use, our packing, cardsets or any ideas you have. UDC Final Cardstock Available

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Grab some Kinky Clown Girls before they are all HONKED OUT

It's time to grab the rest of the Kinky Clown Girls packs before they are all gone and at the bargain super cool price of only £10.50 ten pounds and fifty pence a pack.

Every pack includes 1 original hand drawn Kinky Clown Girls artist Sketchcard drawn by one of our amazing 27 international artists as well as one of four Basecards.
if you grab four packs or more you will get all four basecards and every time a different original one of a kind sketchcard.
How much would it cost you to get an original work of art from an artist... at £10.50 a pack this is a sweet price and one post and packing covers however many packs you purchase.

Plus the set is limited edition, there are only 200 packs available. You can grab as many packs as you want untill the set is sold out with the easy to use Paypal button on the right hand side of the site allowing you to click Buy It Now.
Every pack comes in a KinkyClownGirls sleeve and sealed in a teambag for extra protection, multyple packs will be packed togeather to increase protection.
Once your orders are in and paid for we here at Unpleasant Dreams Cards will pack your order and mail them off to you from here in the United Kingdom.

So now is your chance to grab some Kinky Clown Girls before they Honk themselves out